Hockey fans are enjoying a competitive NHL Stanley Cup Finals between the Predators and Penguins, but there are many parts of America who don't get to....or choose not to...enjoy hockey at all. established a ranking system based on revenues, the local team’s performance (both pro and college), ticket prices, attendance, tradition, fan experience and more.

Last week, we posted their analysis on the best and worst American cities for basketball fans in 2017.

Today, we take a look at hockey, though the amount of cities is much less since many places in the South don't have pro or college teams nearby.

What stands out to me most about the study is how highly ranked the cities farthest south are. Hockey is a cold weather sport, but the fans in Dallas, Tampa Bay, Miami, and of course, Nashville, have plenty of great options if they want to watch premiere athletes drop the puck on the ice and compete at the highest level of the sport.

For a full breakdown of WallHub’s findings, along with a complete ranking of big city, mid-size city and small city, click here.