This will probably be lost on deaf ears, but here's a couple reasons why missing the Stanley Cup Playoffs would be a dire mistake right now.

I'm not even talking about watching the entire games. Even if you only catch the end of the third period, that might be good enough. On the brink of the Stanley Cup Finals, don't think about how little you know about the sport of hockey. Don't worry about your unfamiliarity with the players and their interesting name pronunciations. Most importantly, don't feel like hockey is a sport that regular people can't understand. To the contrary, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are about as blue collar as it gets.

Broken ribs, cuts and black eyes. Pain in every part of their body and the number of teeth in their mouth approaching that of a toddler due to incremental punishment. That's the Stanley Cup Playoffs: a fight for survival between bearded men on skates.

The skill level displayed by the athletes is top-tier, something to marvel at by those familiar with the game or any form of mobility on frozen surfaces. Even those who have never put on skates can recognize that physically challenging portion of the game...but this is when things get mental.

Both Conference Finals are in Game 7 scenarios. On both sides of the bracket, it comes down to a single, frantic ballet of brutality to determine who squares up for the most coveted cup in the hockey world. On the brink of exhaustion, with their bodies on the borders of breakdown, somebody and their fan base will be crowned champions. Anybody who has experienced a Stanley Cup victory can try to explain the feeling. It's the only trophy in American sports that spends solo time will all the players that helped earn it. The ultimate culmination for not just a long day on the job, but a grueling year of toil and pain.

With all that on the line, why not give it a watch? Hockey fans aren't created overnight. They're forged over time, in the fire of frantic drama. Maybe you will find your first moment. All I hope is that you give it a try.