If you're a Hornet fan, chances are, you think about all the uncertainty of the future. Will there be an NBA lockout? Will David West recover from his knee injury? Will he opt out, resign, or test free agency? Will Chris Paul want to stick around New Orleans after next season? You might also have questions about the past. What if Marcus Thornton wasn't traded? What if Gary Chouest purchased the team? At the moment, the Hornets are in the postseason. Enjoy the present. Here is more from Les East of neworleans.com.


But this time isn't for dwelling on the past or speculating about the future, it's about appreciating the present. New Orleans is on the verge of clinching a playoff berth, perhaps as soon as Wednesday night against the Rockets (which they did).

The Hornets, who won just 37 games a year ago, entered training camp with a bushel full of question marks. Now they're a playoff team again.

The past is past, and the future can wait. Appreciate the here and now.

Frankly, I could not have said it better myself. Let's go Hornets!