by: Dylan Brossette (Special to ESPN 1420)

Well, how do you feel after that one? Mad? Nervous? Confused? Me, I feel a little bit of it all.

I’m mad at the embarrassment LSU just suffered, nervous about what the rest of the season holds and confused as to just what exactly is going on with that team.

I’m in my early twenties, and I can tell you since I began watching the Tigers in my early teens, I cannot recall another showing where the team looked this totally inept. Not overmatched mind you, though they did look that as well against Auburn last night, but completely incapable of competing against their opponent.

The defense, a unit I have been down on all season, got wholly exposed for the second time this year, and the offense looked just as poor with Brandon Harris manning the trigger as it did with Anthony Jennings running the show. Harris overthrew open receivers when he was allowed to air it out, although it seemed Cam Cameron was more than content to run into the brick wall that was the Auburn defensive line all night on the way to no Tiger broaching even 50 yards on the ground.

I do not blame Harris for his play. A true freshman on the road against a top five SEC opponent, did anybody expect him to play a perfect game? I certainly did not, though I was expecting a little more than 3-14 and 58 yards.

Mark May, an ESPN analyst with whom most of us are familiar, summed up the LSU performance perfectly: “Lacking effort, emotion, fundamentals and any display of looking they wanted to be there.” I think that goes for players and coaches.

It pains me to say this, but I fear LSU may be looking at its first losing season since 1999 when they went 3-8. I’m trying not to jump the gun, but this Tiger team has yet to sniff challenging an SEC team thus far. Now, I’m not saying they won’t win another game, but right now it looks like they may limp to a .500 mark unless Les Miles and company can light a fire under this team.

Worse still is that the offensive line has taken a page from their defensive counterparts and decided to sleep walk through games, content to stalemate at the line instead of exert their will. If you’re going to bill yourself as a running team, as the Tigers are again trying to do, then bring that mentality.

It’s not so much that they lost that worries me. It’s the complete lack of any skill group in the game last night appearing as though it is trending toward becoming better. This team has obviously digressed since week one, and it makes me wonder what is going on behind the scenes in Baton Rouge.

I’m going to take a deep breath and try to gather myself. It’s not the end of the world despite what it may feel like at this moment. If I can take one positive away from this game, it’s that at least Alabama lost.

There’s always next week, my friends. Hotty Toddy.