Austin Robichaux left a big mark on the Ragin' Cajun baseball program in his three seasons.

A member of the 2012 team that didn't make the Sun Belt Conference tournament, he was part of a nucleus that propelled the program to a consensus #1 overall ranking just two seasons later.

Baseball has been a part of his life as far back as he can remember.

The Ragin' Cajun alum joined me on the show this morning for a lengthy 1 on 1 interview, sharing never before heard stories from his childhood and playing career, lessons learned from his parents, wisdom passed on from his dad, the late great coach Tony Robichaux, his playing career at UL, nicknames, his years in the minor leagues, new stories he learned about his dad after his passing, what his mom means to him, what he's doing today and much more.

Listen here.

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