As the New Orleans Saints enter their 50th year of existence, the franchise will honor their anniversary in a number of ways. (like with this special patch)

Currently, the team has a cool "Build Your Own Mount Rushmore" campaign on their website, giving fans the opportunity to choose 4 Saints for their own individually named Mt. Rushmore. Fans pick 4 of 50 available Saints players, coaches and executives, some current and others past.

I made my own New Orleans Saints Mount Rushmore, getting flack from a few fans in the office. I'm not sure why. My choices are all about the Hall of Fame.

I elected not to choose an executive or coach, sticking to players.

I've had the Saints Mt. Rushmore topic on my show in the past. It was difficult to only include 4 spots when given the options of players, coaches and execs.

For the record, Jim Finks, Sean Payton and Tom Benson are all Mt. Rushmore worthy, but it's hard to compare non-players to players.

My 4 players picks are Drew Brees, Willie Roaf, Rickey Jackson and Jahri Evans.

Roaf and Jackson are the only two Saints currently in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Brees will be there someday, and as much as folks don't find a guard "sexy" enough for the Saints Mt. Rushmore, Evans has the best opportunity of anyone else on the list of players to earn a bust in Canton someday. Even more than former kicker Morten Andersen.

While Morten has made the final 15 on Hall of Fame ballots the last few years, it's as close as he'll get to the Hall of Fame.

There are only 3 kickers in the HOF, two of which played other positions. Only Jan Stenerud has a bust in Canton after only playing kicker. He was enshrined in 1991. George Blanda also played quarterback and Lou Groza played tackle. (Ray Gay made the Hall of Fame as a punter in 2014 by the senior committee)

Should Morten be in the HOF? Sure. He's the NFL's All-time leading scorer. I'm not on the committee. They don't vote in kickers.

There are 44 modern-era offensive lineman already in the Hall of Fame.

Evans, who has yet to retire, already has a HOF worthy resume. 6 Pro Bowls. 4-time 1st team AP All-Pro. 1-time 2nd team AP All-Pro. Super Bowl Champion. 2-time member of the Madden Most Valuable Protectors Award.

By nature of playing guard, Evans doesn't often get mentioned as an all-time great for the Black & Gold. It's a shame. He's an all-time great offensive lineman. The accolades prove it.

It's hard to leave out so many Saint greats like Archie Manning, Dalton Hilliard, Vaughn Johnson, Sam Mills, Pat Swilling, La'Roi Glover, Eric Martin, Deuce McAllister, Pierre Thomas, Marques Colston, Joe Horn, Hoby Brenner, Sammy Knight, George Rogers, Dave Whitsell, Doug Atkins, Jim Dombrowski and many others.

The beauty of the Saints Mount Rushmore is the ensuing debate.

Which 4 Saints would you put on your own Mt. Rushmore?