Objectively, I don't think the Saints can beat the Seahawks tomorrow in the NFC Divional playoff round. Is it impossible? Of course not. As I broke down in my "objective" blog, the Saints will have to do several things if they hope to escape with an upset. But enough objectivity. How about some fanaticism.

Webster's definition of fanatical is Possessed with or motivated by excessive, irrational zeal.

Now if that doesn't sound like Saints fans, than I don't know what does.

Last week as the Saints prepared for their road game at Philadelphia, Sean Payton and the team began talking about having Popeyes for every road game during the Super Bowl season of 2009. So what did Saints fans do? Popeyes sales increased 23147% after the Saints won.


Sean Payton said (with tongue in cheek) the team needed a new color of gatorade to get the road win. The color versus Philly? Green. Guess what doubled in sales at local Louisiana grocery stores? You already know the answer.

That's because Saints fans are superstitious. (Like this DJ who works across the hall from me and performed a VooDoo spell on the air this week) Before the season, Bud Light conducted a survey of the most superstitious fanbases in the NFL. The Saints came in 3rd, and were also noted as the most likely fanbase to perform superstitious activity for every game.

My wife gave me a vintage Saints t-shirt for Christmas. It's extremely comfortable, and I've probably already worn it way too much. The past two games, the shirt has been on, and I've moved from my la-Z-boy chair to the couch between the first and second half.

Fanatically, I believe.

Fanatically, I'll eat popeyes (even though I shouldn't because I'm a type 1 diabetic).

Fanatically, I'll drink gatorade (even though I shouldn't because I'm a type 1 diabetic).

Fantically, I'll wear my vintage Saints t-shirt. I'll sit in my la-Z-boy in the first half, and couch for the second.

Will it have any bearing on the game? Objectively, of course not. Fanatically, hell yes.

It's more fun to be a fan. Which is why I love talking to passionate sports fans in my line of work. Who else gets to engage in such superstitious activity, all for the good of a game being played 2,577 miles away?

Objectively, I made my prediction here. But heck, last week I was objective, and picked the Saints to lose a close one. I'm picking them to lose again. If they win, will I find myself objectively picking fanatically? My head is spinning. Okay, I'll stop.

Who Dat!?

Fanatical prediction: Saints win. No final score prediction needed.

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images