Have you ever tried to toss a golf ball up and hit it with your driver like a baseball bat? You probably failed. Bubba Watson laughs at you.

Not only is Bubba Watson a Masters Champion in golf, he's an all around cool bro. Professional golfers are typically viewed as subdued and boring, but that's not Bubba. Bubba is approachable. Bubba is fun. Hell, Bubba might even drink a beer with you on the golf course if you got the chance to share a golf cart.

On a recent trip to China, he decided to show off his unorthodox golf skills. Some trick shots are complex, but every golfer out there has probably tried what he pulled off so effortlessly.

I'll admit I tried to hit a golf ball by swinging a driver like a baseball bat. I'll also admit that I broke my driver, and the head of the club went 100 times farther than the ball. Bubba Watson makes this look WAY too easy.

Did it land in the fairway? Either way, he probably golfs better like that than most people.

Hey SportsCenter its #BubbaGolf in China #top10nominee

Posted by Bubba Watson on Saturday, April 18, 2015