Louisiana's third straight win in the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl over Tulane Saturday night was the third straight year in which Cajun fans left the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with smiles on their faces, ready to celebrate.

But not all Cajuns fans were willing to celebrate.

There's a faction of fans of just about every school who, regardless of what kind of success their program has, find plenty to complain about.

Those fans were sour about the fact the Cajuns were in New Orleans to begin with.  (Well, if the goal of your program is to play in the New Orleans bowl every year....wahh wahh wahh.")  Fact of the matter is the New Orleans Bowl is the bowl the Cajuns were invited to.  With 79 bowl eliglble teams and only 70 slots, five Sun Belt teams were left out of bowls entirely, including an 8-4 Western Kentucky team.  But for the types of fans I'm talking about, another trip to New Orleans just wasn't acceptable.

Check this out.  This was on Facebook

"Maybe our Ragin Cajuns need to take a page out of Acadiana Highs book and learn how to finish a season and not quit on its fans. That is so sad to end the season with no inspiration and all for what? Because they accepted a New Orleans Bowl Bid. A game thatt will mean nothing towards the advancing of that program, which it so desperately needs in the National look of things. The very Rope Coach Hud preached about since he got here, is the same one he dropped, by accepting that bid so early. I am one disgusted long time Cajun Fan right now Jay."

And, that's because they got a bowl invitation and accepted it.  Whew.

The same "fan" incidentally, was less than complimentary about the Cajuns' win Saturday night.as well.

Some actually used the word "embarrassing" to describe the Cajuns performance.


Let me help you define embarrassing.

Embarrassing is going 19-81 in a nine year period

Embarrassing is losing to North Alabama, a Division II school

Embarrassing is setting an NCAA record for most points given up in a season.

Embarrassing is having first and goal at the six yard line and all you have to do is line up and kick a field goal to win...and your quarterback throws an interception.

Embarrassing is losing to not one, not two, but three 1-AA teams IN THE SAME SEASON.

Embarrassing is having two in-state schools NOT named LSU hang 70 points on you IN THE SAME SEASON.

Embarrassing is having faded paint on the field for your last home game of the season because you ran out of paint and couldn't afford to buy more.

I, along with many Cajuns fans, have lived through those times.

Prior to Mark Hudspeth's arrival, the Cajuns record in my first nineteen years of broadcasting UL football was 76-139.

In the last three seasons, the Cajuns are 27-12.  That's pretty embarrassing...to anyone who thinks that statistic is embarrassing.

I think it's perfectly okay, even in a victory to draw attention to things you think need attention.  I think it's perfectly okay, even in victory, to question a coach's decision here and there.

But don't show your ignorance by referring to a bowl win as embarrassing.  All you do is draw attention to the saying "You can't fix stupid."

And please, quit with the term "ugly win."  Wanna see ugly?  Re-read what I said about embarrassing.

No...Louisiana's win over Tulane Saturday night was gorgeous.  In fact, all 103 wins the Cajuns have had since I started broadcasting their games on radio have been beautiful.  It was by no means perfect.  It, at times was frustrating.  But at the end of the night, it was win number nine.  On someone else's home turf that Louisiana fans took over.  In prime time.  On national television.

Yeah, that's ugly and embarrassing.

The only thing that's embarrassing are those who simply can't be happy unless they're miserable.