Seth Harrison was one of the quietest members of last year's Ragin' Cajuns, but this grinder's game did all of the talking. It still is in the minor leagues.

The multi-talented outfielder was drafted in the 7th Round of the MLB Draft by the San Francisco Giants, and he now finds himself playing ball on the beautiful West Coast. His current club is the San Jose Giants in Advanced A. On the day this was published, he reached base successfully in all five of his at bats and scored three times. How's that for efficiency at the plate?

Soft-spoken and highly-skilled, Harrison is the type of player coaches love to deal with. His average for his minor league career so far sits at .253, but if we're playing the "what have you done for me lately" about a walk-off home run? Harrison smashed one over the wall back on June 7th to propel his club to the 6-4 victory. Take a look for yourself.

His .968 fielding percentage and cannon of an arm don't hurt either. Add in 21 stolen bases through 79 games, and you start to understand why the Giants selected him in the MLB Draft.

Also, he still says "Yes, sir" and "Yes, ma'am." It's not an act or a gimmick for approval, more of an indication of his old school devotion to honesty and respect. It translates to his game as well.

You can follow his stats yourself all throughout his journey through the minor leagues, no matter where he is. With his work ethic, he won't be in San Jose for long. Wherever he goes, #CajunNation will follow. Once a Cajun, always a Cajun, no matter what the pro jersey reads.