Before holding a clipboard and warming the bench as Cam Newton's backup in Carolina, quarterback Jimmy Clausen was a starter for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. In anticipation of the National Championship game, Clausen decided to tweet the following picture of this T-Shirt (pictured left).

The "Catholics versus Cousins" has sparked plenty of twitter trash-talking between Irish and Alabama Crimson Tide fans. While both teams have been complimentary and politically correct when discussing their opponent, fans (and apparently former players) have done just the opposite. In fact, Clausen says he received the shirt as a gift from an Irish fan.

Since Tide fans take themselves serious (since no one else will), and hate when anyone makes a joke at their expense, Clausen's twitter account was raided with offended Bama fans. He has since deleted the twitter post, and apologized if he offended anyone. (FYI, the Carolina Panthers don't have any Tide alums on their team, giving Clausen free reign to trash talk in his locker room without rebuttal, and also explaining why the Panthers are 5-9)

Should Tide fans be offended? Is it simply trash-talking, or is it truly insulting? Let us know you think.