Things went south quickly today for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as he attempted to answer fan questions during an 'AMA' (Ask Me Anything) session on social news website Reddit. The 'AMA' session was a chance for fans to directly ask the commissioner questions regarding league safety, controversial fines, and of course the 'bountygate' scandal.

Goodell logged on to the popular question and answer forum and asked Reddit users to ask him anything as a promotion for the upcoming Super Bowl in New Orleans.

From Reddit,

Hi. It's NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. To kick off Super Bowl Week, I want you to Ask Me Anything.

I tweeted my verification in case you need confirmation: [1] @NFLCommish

I hope you are all looking forward to Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday. We're working hard to bring our fans closer to the game and all events in New Orleans that lead up to it. I'm excited to get down there later this week. If you can't join us in New Orleans, our friends at NFL Media will be covering everything Super Bowl which you can follow here: [2], [3], [4]

I look forward to your questions. Let's get started.

Users responded with over 5,000 questions and comments, but the commish only responded to a handful of the more serious topics.

The Q&A session started out fairly tame. Goodell addressed a question that's been on Saints fans' minds since Sean Payton was reinstated.

The commissioner was asked to comment on the bountygate scandal...

And of course player safety...

Unfortunately for the Commish, the vast majority of the questions and comments submitted were fans airing their frustrations...

It's safe to say Mr. Goodell won't be doing any other AMAs anytime soon.