March Madness is always full of great finishes, memorable shots, unlikely heroes, and at times, controversy. The ending of the Arizona versus Texas game yesterday had all four. Here is more from Yahoo sports and Jeff Eisenberg.

With 14.5 seconds left in Sunday's third-round NCAA tournament matchup between Texas and Arizona, the Longhorns had possession of the ball, a two-point lead and the Sweet 16 in their sights.

Only a few bewildering ticks of the clock later, Arizona was celebrating a surprising 70-69 victory and Texas was trudging off the court trying to figure out how it could possibly have messed up such a sure thing.

The key sequence began with a controversial five-second call against Texas as it tried to inbound the ball underneath its own basket. Freshman guard Cory Joseph attempted to call timeout because he couldn't find an open teammate around defensive pressure from Arizona's Jamelle Horne, but referees didn't give it to him, instead awarding the ball to the Wildcats with the deficit still at two.

Even though replays appeared to show that Joseph's timeout came before five seconds had expired, Texas coach Rick Barnes declined to blame the officials for the call.

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Texas will blame themselves, while Longhorn fans will blame the refs. That's the nature of the situation. Despite the controversy in the game, as well as the miff about Butler's Saturday night upset of Pitt, the thrilling finishes and underdog upsets will always trump controversy when it comes to the NCAA tournament. Several years from now, no one other than Longhorn fans will remember the last 15 seconds of Sunday's ballgame.