After flirting with the Dallas Mavericks, DeAndre Jordan decided to return to the dysfunctional beast he knows, the Los Angeles Clippers.

It took a war of emoji's, a boat of money and a video clip that apparently brought DJ to tears to realize that he made the wrong choice leaving L.A. in the first place. So what if he said Chris Paul was a problem? All that matters is that he is reunited with CP, Blake Griffin and Doc Rivers for another year of high-octane drama. The cherry on top of the sundae is Mark Cuban getting spurned. Tycoons hate losing out on a financial endeavor.

The best part about this whole fiasco was the comedic tone it took on. Players tweeting emojis and fans creating memes culminated in two perfect tweets. The first comes from current overpaid Mavericks member, Chandler Parsons.

Well done, Chandler. That still doesn't beat our final tweet. With the absurdity of this story, the only way to put it to rest is with emoji's.