The 'Sleepy Mac' chain has officially landed in Dustin Poirier's hands.

After Poirier defeated Conor McGregor at UFC 264, Jake Paul offered "The Diamond" the 'sleepy McGregor' chain that he bought for himself. The YouTube superstar posted the necklace on his IG and instantly went viral for his epic $100k trolling of McGregor.

After the fight, Paul tagged Poirier on Twitter asking if he wanted him to ship the chain, offering it up as a gift for his win over McGregor.

Poirier quickly responded.

After a busy week, Jake Paul made good on his offer and the chain was officially on its way to Poirier along with a handwritten note congratulating him on his hard-earned victory.


He even dropped a shout-out to Poirier's "bad ass" wife, Jolie!

Today, "The Diamond" shared a photo on his socials showing that he received the gift and said he planned on using it to do "something big" in his hometown of Lafayette.

The internet quickly reacted to the news, sharing Poirier's photo as people were delighted to see that Paul actually sent him the chain.


We can't wait to see what "The Diamond" does with these diamonds—but whatever it is, we know it will be good.