Eagles kicker Jake Elliott has been a great national story this week after nailing a 61 yard walk-off field goal against the Giants in only his 2nd NFL game.

Before Elliott attempted the kick, Philadelphia starting quarterback Carson Wentz made a promise while he was mic'd up for sound.


Multiple times, Wentz said he would give Elliott his game check if the "superhero" made it. He did.

I love the jubilation from the whole team following Elliott's kick, but honestly, I was left wondering if, and how much, Wentz paid Elliott.

Wentz earns $31,764 per game check. That's more than twice what Elliott gets. Did he pay? Wentz took to social media to respond.

Have you seen the video of Elliott's parents after he made the game winner yet? It's fantastic.


I don't have any ties to the Eagles, but seeing his Dad tear up after the kick is the best thing I've seen in sports this week.