After Jay said the Pelicans wouldn't make the playoffs last week, Scott made sure he ate some crow in this week's episode of "Fast Five."

On top of Jay creeping everybody out, the guys chat it up about the Pelicans returning home to the Smoothie King Center for two games against the Golden State Warriors, a huge series for Ragin' Cajun Softball up in Oregon, the Saints' schedule and Ragin' Cajun Baseball's red-hot 2nd Baseman, Stefan Trosclair.

There were no bets made on this episode, but there were some predictions. See how Jay and Scott think the Pelicans and Cajuns will fare in the upcoming week and whether the fans will have something to smile about. Both teams face, possibly, the two strongest teams in their respective sports. Who doesn't like taking a bite out of the biggest slice pie?

Stay tuned next week to see if Jay is wearing something more revealing...let's all hope the answer is no.