In this week's episode of Fast Five, Jay and Scott get into football mode with the Saints and Cajuns, while also discussing sports movies and...Angela Lansbury.

Yes, the star of "Murder She Wrote" and multiple award winning actress made her way to ESPN 1420 thanks to the one and only Scott Prather. Not only is he wearing a shirt with her name and face on it, but he also he sang for a band that honored her name? Typically too good to be true, but Fast Five always delivers.

On the sports side, it's finally time to talk some football. Who will the 2nd best player on the Saints be, and why does Jay Walker hate Drew Brees? Ragin' Cajun Football was on the slate as well, while the guys also threw in some discussion on the best jerseys to come out of sports movies. Can anybody say Burt Reynolds?

Click play. Laugh. Repeat. It's just another week of Fast Five.