The Eastern Conference Playoffs, a.k.a. the most dramatic event of the century, is upon us. No sarcasm in that statement at all. Nope. I believe every word of it.

Who would allow themselves to miss riveting action like Cavs-Celtics or Hawks-Nets in the first round? You can keep your Anthony Davis versus the Splash Brothers as a 1-8 matchup, Western Conference. I see your Spurs-Clippers series and raise you with the Bulls against the Bucks.

From all angles, the Eastern Conference playoffs will have it all: diverse story lines that stretch years back, inspired fan bases, and of course...upsets. This isn't one of those years where there's only two real contenders. No, sir. Have you seen the talent on that Celtics roster? Brad Stevens, you lucky dog.

Can't you picture yourself hunkering down to watch your two favorite, highly covered NBA teams? I mean the Raptors and Wizards, of course. The series only features the biggest name in modern basketball: Jonas Valanciunas.

Also, I have a feeling...this is the year. The year LeBron stops being the best player in basketball. He will stop physically dominating, or get taken out of the game, in crucial stretches of the games. Absolutely no chance that the Cavs tear apart their first round opponent, toss the bones aside while eating up their second round matchup and trample the Hawks on their way to the NBA get it out of your head.

All jokes aside, every single one of these teams deserve to be here. Just look at the tough road they had to go through to get here.

The Brooklyn Nets, the best ran team in terms of front office in the league, played their hearts out all year, doing the small things other teams wouldn't. Their 38-44 record is indicative of a bought-in team, a smart, chemistry-oriented team: a playoff team.

It's not even a debate. The Western Conference playoffs pale in comparison to the East. Everybody already knows what's going to happen on that side. Why even waste time breaking down all those boring matchups? We all know the Spurs are too old to play anymore anyway. Might as well write them off.

Catch my drift, folks? Clear your schedules. Make sure you nap through the Western Conference games (especially the Pelicans versus Golden State, because Anthony Davis and Steph Curry are sure to put you to sleep anyway) to ensure full energy for these, invigorating, unpredictable games that are sure to come.

Early Playoffs MVP prediction? Zaza Pachulia. Book it. Clearly, I know what I'm talking about.