The Ragin' Cajuns Spring Football Game went off without a hitch, but Head Coach Mark Hudspeth still wasn't ready to name his starting quarterback.

Jordan Davis was expected to win the starting job, but he didn't do enough (12-21, 87 yards) to earn the gig on Saturday. Chris Weaver (13-23, 123 yards) kept himself in contention, and Gunner Hudspeth (3-4, 70 yards) even got in on the action. It's still a two man race between Davis and Weaver at this point, but don't go crazy over a Spring Game.

Jordan Wright (19 rushes, 88 yards) and Darius Hoggins (15 rushes, 85 yards) showed out in the absence of Jalen Nixon and Elijah McGuire, but the best news of the day was everybody emerged from the game healthy.

Coach Hud was careful. McGuire and Nixon sat out, along with Gary Haynes, Jared Johnson, Gabe Fuselier (who was wearing a boot), Otha Peters and a few other players on the mend.

The "White" team ended up winning the game, 20-10, but Coach Hud said (watch the full video below) the real winners of the day were the members of the defensive backfield.

Simeon Thomas was back at the corner position, and Savion Brown, Troy McCollum and the rest of the DB's held the QB's in check. It was a little windy, but Jordan Davis wasn't using that as an excuse after the exhibition. The corners made life difficult on the pass catchers, and the conditions didn't make the deep ball any easier.

In terms of football, the game wasn't pretty (two fumbles, three missed FG's), but nitpicking an exhibition is kind of silly. They didn't show any of their new wrinkles on either side of the ball, but again, nobody got hurt.

The main success of the day was the fans enjoyed themselves. The RCAF's crawfish boil was a major hit, and the Ragin' Cajuns Women's Basketball team even showed their support by serving up the crawfish, corn and potatoes.

Halftime pretty much stole the show though. Jake Delhomme won the QB Challenge, and he made it look easy. After picking up tips from his other competitors, he got on a hot streak, and he was the only man to hit his deep pass. He was one of several UL players (Charles Tillman, Brian Mitchell, Michael Desormeaux, Jerry Babb) to come back and represent the university, and the fans went nuts when Jake shut things down with "Peanut" Tillman on the play-by-play.

There's a lot of time between now and the start of football season, and the Cajuns have a lot of work left to do making adjustments on both sides of the ball.

Coach Hud wasn't comfortable enough to name his starting QB on Saturday, but it doesn't seem like he's far off from his conclusion. The defense looked good, but was it due to the vanilla gameplan on offense? It's hard to gauge anything off a Spring Game, so let's all not overreact.