The RCAF hit the $1 million mark in the annual fund only a quarter of the way through the year, which means Executive Director Jim Harris is killing it in his first year on the job.

Last year, the RCAF raised $2.166 million in the annual fund, setting a new record for the foundation. This year, the donor base gave half that amount in a quarter of the time, which is borderline miraculous with the current hit to the oil industry and local economy.

Harris is a man that keeps several pots boiling on the stove at one time, and his leadership is guiding the RCAF into a new, streamlined era.

R.B. asked the head man in charge of the RCAF into "The Cheap Seats" to talk about the fruits of his labor, including the newly unveiled priority point system and a wildly successful crawfish boil at the Ragin' Cajuns Spring Football game. He's happy to hit the $1 million mark only a quarter of the way through the year, but he's not done hustling yet.

Hear from the money man himself on how Cajun Nation is taking care of their own. Buildings are going up, stadiums are expanding, and Jim Harris knows all the details.