Jim Harris held his first press conference as Executive Director of the RCAF on his birthday, and he shared cake with everybody.

The Ragin' Cajun Athletic Foundation needed somebody to guide them into the financial future. Harris shows a track record or growing funds at Ohio and Indiana, and Southern Florida University. Everywhere he goes, the money seems to start flowing more freely. For Cajun fans, this means money to keep building.

Cajun Nation will already be blown away by the new athletic training facility, but there is still plenty of room left to grow for the UL Athletic Department.

Charlie Moncla served as RCAF Search Committe Chair during the process of going through 69 resumes for the job. After narrowing things down to five candidates to interview, Harris made the right impression from there. After talking with Harris in person, Moncla knew his decision was made.

"Every school he's been at, they have raise the money they needed, they have built new facilities," Moncla said. "He's been responsible for doing it."

Want to know what Harris wanted for his birthday? A new job.

"I couldn't have asked for a better present than to be named  the Executive Director of the Ragin' Cajun Athletic Foundation," Harris said in his introduction speech.

He wanted to be a part of the growing Ragin' Cajun brand. The pride shown by the members of the RCAF and Cajun Nation at large blew him away. He saw the potential, and he's here to grow it.

His main goal is to build on the annual fund. He set new benchmarks for donations in his previous jobs, so why not expect it to continue in Lafayette?

"The passion is there. This group can't do it alone. I can't do it alone," Harris said. "We need Ragin' Cajun Nation to do this together. We need all of you to band together if we want to get to where we want to be."

In the full interview above, Harris lays down the foundation for how he will guide the RCAF into a the new era. It's not just about facilities. Building an athletic program takes cooperation through expansion, flexibility, leadership...but most of all, it requires money.

Harris will be the man opening up new checkbooks. Introduce yourself to him.