As the longest tenured member of the New Orleans Saints, Jon Stinchcomb has worked through his share of injuries. Take for instance last season, when he injured a knee tendon in Week 7. The 9 year veteran played through it, but needed rehab at season's end. While he's not 100% yet, he's inching closer to it. As an offensive lineman, Stinchcomb didn't have time to worry about the injury during the regular season. James Varney of the Times Picayune and has more, followed by more blogging from Scott.

Asked if the injury didn't bother him on nearly every snap, and if it might not have made sense to take it more seriously last year, Stinchcomb looked vaguely offended. The question, he made clear, fails to take into account the kind of grit it takes to play 9 years in the NFL.
"I'm an offensive lineman," he said with a shrug.



For an offensive lineman, 9 years is a long career in the NFL. Stinchcomb has overcome more serious injuries in the past, including multiple season ending injuries early in his career. As a captain and locker room leader, the Saints are hoping the one-time pro bowler has a few years left in the tank.

 Despite his rehab and age, Stinchcomb still worked out with his teammates during the 6 weeks of player organized activities. If the lockout ends soon, and the season starts on time, Stinchcomb plays on being at full health.