A lot of people aren't big fans of Keith Olbermann.

And, that includes some of his former employers.  The man has a reputation of being difficult to work with.

A lot of the dislike for Olbermann among viewers stems from his days at MSNBC, when Olbermann hosted "Countdown."  The decidedly liberal slant, along with his disdain for everything conservative, especially Rush Limbaugh hasn't exactly endeared him to many here in South Louisiana.

But like him or not, Olbermann is a terrific journalist, and on his new show "Olbermann," on ESPN, he gets the opportunity to cover stories in depth.

Last night, Olbermann paid tribute to Tony Gwynn and told stories of Gwynn the average fan may not have known.  Most have to do with the man, not the baseball player.

Take a look at this.  But you might want to have a tissue handy.