You really didn't think Kobe Bryant was going to be able to keep himself away from the game of basketball did you? He's got a new show on ESPN + called "Detail" where he breaks down particular players in the 2018 NBA Playoffs and a clip has leaked on him talking LeBron and KD.

Here's what Kobe says LeBron James can do to truly dominate the game even more than he has for the Cleveland Cavaliers:

I think Kobe brings up an excellent point, I'm all for LeBron getting "the other Cavs" involved but they haven't shown up for him as much as he needs them to, physically or mentally. LeBron needs to take more of an opportunity to score the basketball by pulling up for mid-range jumpers, as well as continuing to attack the basket.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing to get his teammates involved but maybe just a little bit less in Game Three. I want to see James drop 60 on the Warriors tonight, taking advantage of what Kobe is suggesting, it should keep the Warriors guessing a little bit more.


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