Former New Orleans Saints All-Pro Kyle Turley will tell you how he feels about something when asked. So we asked him...a lot.

From post career football injuries, to pain killers, NFL medical hypocrisy, favorite Saints memories, beef with Mike Martz, his incredible comeback, overcoming adversity, his love affair with Saints fans, chatograph, and more, Turley shied away from nothing. He covered it all, in depth, in the only way he knows how...straight up and honestly.

In part 1,Turley discusses surfing, Ditka versus Haslett, his favorite Saints memory, the infamous "helmet toss" against the Jets, his love affair with the Who Dat nation, and chatograph.

In part 2, Kyle discusses his brief time with the Rams, shares how far the Saints would've gone in 2002 if Jake Delhomme had started late in the year instead of Aaron Brooks, why the Saints insisted on starting an injured Brooks, pain killer addiction in football, NFL trainers & doctors withholding medical information from players, and the reason behind his beef with Mike Martz.

In part 3, Turley discusses chatograph, the back injury that kept him off the playing field for two years, his NFL comeback, an awkward exchange with Nick Saban, Saban's football politics and fighting his way back into the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs.

In part 4, Kyle shares his thoughts on the NFL's attempt to settle concussion lawsuits with former players, the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, Steve Gleason, what the NFL should do for its retired players dealing with health issues, how he's living his life today, what he expects out of the 2014 Saints, and the cool new way he communicates with fans and followers with chatograph.