Mamou native Brandon Arvie fell in a 3-2 split decision Tuesday night at Golden Gloves National Tournament of Champions, but the defeat is only the beginning of his career.

Arvie, who trains with Beau Williford out of the Ragin' Cajun Boxing Club in Lafayette and represented the Mid-South team, let his emotions out at ring side last night after dropping a close bout to Ryizeemmion Ford of Cleveland.

"I feel disappointed in myself," said Arvie moments after the fight. "Everyone had so much expectations for me, and I feel like I let them down. They don't feel like I let them down, but me, as a fighter and as a person, feel like I let them down."

Arvie thinks the amateur style and aspect of the fight made a difference.

"Maybe I could've been busier. Amateur (boxing) always like when fighters are busy, even when the punches aren't landing. I'm for making my punches count, but that doesn't always cut it in amateurs."

Brandon Arvie shares a word with trainer Beau Williford between rounds at the Golden Gloves 2017 National Tournament of Champions
Photo by Scott Prather

Arvie, 24, has been public about his intent to turn pro following the Golden Gloves National Tournament of Champions.

"I think I'll do better in the pros," explained Arvie. "My style has always been suited for the pros. For a while, I felt like the amateur style wasn't better for me. I'm ready to try my style out in the pros. I think I'll have a lot of success there."

Despite his disappointment in Tuesday night's result, Arvie is thankful for the large contingent of friends and family who were in attendance.

"It means a lot," said Arvie. "The amount of support I get from everyone, I'm blessed and extremely grateful."