Ragin' Cajun Softball is on a tear, and their Head Coach Michael Lotief is feeling good heading into a massive series in Oregon.

The Ducks are a top-tier program, and Lotief spoke on the advantages of taking his team on the road to face 1st Team All-American, Cheridan Hawkins. If they want to be a contender in the postseason, this series could go a long way in developing the proper mindset.

Coach Lotief fielded questions regarding the team's success at the plate, and specifically Lexie Elkins' incredible year so far. Like always, Lotief spread the credit around to players like Shellie Landry and Hayley Hayden, who stepped up as vocal leaders to help get this team to where it is. He also fielded questions regarding his health.

Anybody following Lotief's recent health issues will understand the magnitude of this statement, responding to how he felt after his surgery on Friday:

"I feel good, thank God," Lotief said with a smile.

Life always comes before sports, so it was a sight for sore eyes to have Coach Lotief back at the podium, cracking jokes and doing what he loves: talking about Ragin' Cajun Softball and how they can win.