Saturday was good to Ole Miss fans.

The Rebels upset the #3 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide in Oxford, storming the field in celebration.

One Rebel fan got a little too close to Nick Saban.

When Icarus flies too close to the sun, his wings burn off. When a rabid SEC fan gets a little too close to Saban, a state trooper choke slams him. Is there any correlation? Not really. But who cares? Let's watch a couple of fans getting choke slammed.

Alabama fans, never wanting to be outdone, made sure they were represented on college football's choke slam Saturday. Check out the instagram video below, posted by a Rebel fan. One Tide fan thought it'd be smart to throw a beverage at a group of Ole Miss fans.



Oxford PD - 1 Alabama Fan - 0 This guy had been throwing things at fans leaving the field. #hottytoddy #beatalabama #oxfordpd #takedown #fightclub #collegegameday #espn @creevesbrown @liltaybrown @pigeontoedninja @austin_gunter770 @a_brown52

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