At the Olympic games, they changed the way they run the badminton tournament.

Wanna bet they change it back?

In the past, you lost, you left.

But this year the IOC decided to use a round robin pool format before what is known at the knockout round, and as a result, teams were trying to lose on purpose to get a more favorable draw later.

It was so obvious in a couple of cases that the crowd booed loudly and demanded refunds because the teams weren't giving enough, if any, effort.

Two teams from South Korea and one each from China and Indonesia were disqualified.  All but China have appealed the ruling.  The Chinese team are the current world doubles champions.

The round robin format is used in many other tournaments.  The Indonesian coach says China has done this many times in world tournaments.

And, to think they did away with baseball and softball....Hmmmmm.