Everybody loves a good underdog story when it comes to sports whether it's fictional or real. The fictional character and story of Rocky Balboa is one for the ages with sports fans.

On this day 32 years ago the 4th in the series of Rocky movies was released, Rocky IV.

In this cinematic classic we saw Rocky pitted against the Russian superhuman, Ivan Drago. We thought Rocky Balboa was done fighting but after his good friend Apollo Creed took an "exhibition" fight against Drago, which would end up costing him his life (spoiler alert) Rocky was back.

In Rocky III he was the champ, everything came easy for him until he ran into Clubber Lang who rocked his world in the initial fight. He would end up losing his trainer, Mickey, after the first fight and would fight to avenge his death.

In Rocky IV, he would get back to his roots of boxing and training. As Drago was using high tech equipment and steroids to train, Rocky was out in the middle of nowhere training in a cabin. He was running on icy pathways, chopping wood, pulling a sleigh with his buddy Paulie on it, and climbing a snow covered mountain.

The fight between Rocky and Drago takes place in Russia on Drago's home turf. He scalds Rocky early in the fight but in true Rocky Balboa fashion he fights back and weathers a storm of devastating blows, and ultimately wears down the powerful Russian machine.

Rocky avenges Apollo's death in a true Rcoky Balboa classic.


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