Oops, they did it again.

The New Orleans Saints lost their third straight game Sunday, their second one at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, falling to Kansas City in overtime after squandering a 24-6 third quarter lead.

The 27-24 defeat was the latest in a series of disappointments for New Orleans, who has lost to three teams, Washington, Carolina and Kansas City, who were not expected to challenge for a playoff berth.

Much of the criticism is directed at the defense, and rightfully so.  The Saints have had trouble stopping the run and stopping the pass.  But against Kansas City the Saints were able to build that eighteen point lead because of two turnovers by the defense in the third quarter.  Yes, Kansas City had over 500 yards in offense, but if you're looking at that to build your argument, it's a little hollow this week.

No, this one is on the Saints offense.

After the Chiefs got a touchdown on a franchise record 91 yard run by Jamaal Charles, the Saints marched back down the field.  But Drew Brees was intercepted when he underthrew a pass intended for Devery Henderson near the end zone.

Brees did not complete another pass the rest of the game.

To be sure, the offensive line had some breakdowns and Brees was thrown off by that.  But there's a disturbing trend developing, and it involves the Saints' quarterback.

For whatever reason, fans are not quick to criticize Drew Brees.  And, to an extent that's understandable.  After all, he's led the Saints to a Super Bowl win and broken the single season passing yardage record.

But, it's time for fans to realize Brees has been part of the problem.

In the season opener against Washington, the Saints got the ball, trailing by eight points.  Brees was promptly intercepted with the ball returned to the Saints three yard line. Washington scored on the next play.  The Saints got a touchdown to get back within eight and the defense got the ball back for the offense with :22 left.

Brees has done more with less time on the clock.

Not this time.

His first pass was intercepted.  Ball game

Then against Carolina a similar thing happened.  Trailing most of the game, the Saints got within eight points.  But Brees failed to convert on fourth and four from the Carolina 23 and, after the teams traded scores, Brees wound up with another chance with 48 seconds left.

And, you guessed it, he threw a pick.

Yesterday, with the game on the line, Brees couldn't even complete a pass.  Yes, he was harassed.

But he's Drew Brees.  Can't complete a pass??

If you've watched the Saints closely, you've seen Brees' timing off just a bit.  Not a lot.  But enough.  And, don't think that doesn't have everything to do with his inactivity in the off-season while holding out for a nine figure contract.

No, it's time for the Saints fans to realize there's plenty of blame to go around.  Blame Roger Goodell, blame the replacement refs.  Blame the Saints' defense.  Blame the offensive line.

And, blame the 100 million dollar man.

In the press conference after the signing that made him much richer than he already was, Brees said "now I've got to go out and earn it."

We're waiting, Drew.