What the hell is this match about? Yeah, Kane is evil and does evil stuff, and Orton’s nominally a good guy, but why are these two men fighting one another? The world’s evilest Libertarian, Kane, gave a wacky, roundabout explanation on ‘SmackDown’ a couple weeks ago, but it didn’t clarify much of anything, meaning that this match is still pretty much just about a guy we boo fighting a guy we cheer.

Normally, that’d be enough to get me interested in two humongous, heavily muscled men hitting one another, but the whole thing seems far too similar to the Cena/Kane feud from a few months back, but minus the whole “Embrace the hate” angle, which was really the only thing that made that rivalry interesting. Orton has even said that he doesn’t need to embrace the hate because it’s already a strong part of him, which is an interesting thing as far as the wrestler’s character goes, but does nothing to enhance his rivalry with the Devil’s Favorite Demon. Shouldn’t these two hateful guys be pals and campaign for Ron Paul together?

Still, while I’ve been totally unenthusiastic because of the build-up, I think that the match itself has some real potential to be a solid Wrestlemania 28 match. Orton can be kind of hit-or-miss depending on his opponent, and I’m as tired as anyone of seeing him win with a RKO from out of nowhere, but I think that Kane could be the right guy to get an excellent match out of the Viper, especially at ‘WrestleMania.’ Kane’s far from the most well rounded wrestler on the WWE roster, but he’s incredibly talented at what he does, which is being Kane, a terrifying, unstoppable, cyclopean monster. After weeks of seeing these two run out and hit one another, I would have preferred WWE book the contest as something brutal, like a Last Man Standing Match, but I’m still confident the two skilled performers will be able to command our attention as a part of the WrestleMania 28 midcard.