RCAF Executive Director Jim Harris along with RCAF Chair Robert Daigle, the RCAF Board of Directors, and Athletic Director Scott Farmer unveiled UL’s new priority point system Saturday morning. Since being hired in August, the creation and implantation of a priority point system has been atop Harris’ to do list.

The meeting, which was open to all RCAF members, marked an important milestone for Harris and his team. The two-hour presentation gave the public its first look at the new system.

While the system is not live yet, Saturday’s presentation allowed RCAF members to be introduced to the new system and ask any questions they had about the priority point system.  Harris could not give an exact date when the PPS will go live, but he expects the system to be up and running mostly likely in July. The system has to be live no later than August 1.

Along with the new PPS, the RCAF will also launch a new and updated website. The website will keep tract of points and member information. It will also have a built in calculator that will allow members to see how many points they can accumulate. Again, no exact date was given for the website launch, but Harris expects it to be live within the next two weeks.

With all of the stadium expansions and refurbishing completed or planned at UL, there has been much talk about reseating, specifically how the PPS will affect season ticket holders who are forced to relocate. Harris and the RCAF team are still working out the exact details of reseating. Once the team has finalized their plans, UL and the RCAF will announce those plans in a public meeting similar to Saturday's event.

Men’s basketball will be the first sport to be reseated using the PPS.

So how exactly will the priority point system work? Below are the basics:

  • To have a point total, you must be an active RCAF Annual Fund member.
  • The PPS will properly reward loyalty and support over time, not just contributions for a given year.
  • Points will be awarded for longevity as a donor and season ticket holder plus total financial donations to both athletics and the university as well as the overall amount of tickets purchased.
  • Points have no tangible value; they only serve as a ranking.
  • Points will be calculated three times throughout the year (football, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball/softball)
  • Longevity will be calculated as far back as university data allows.

Other notable items covered included:

  • In 2015, there were over 4000 RCAF contributors.
  • Through silent campaigns, the RCAF has raised over $20 million for facility improvements.
  • Softball’s new hitting/fielding facility could open in the next few weeks.
  • 90% of Division I football playing institutions have a priority point system.