With the lockout preventing players from entering a team facility, franchises cannot schedule organized offseason workouts. However, there is no rule that prevents players from scheduling their own team workouts outside of the team facilities. Drew Brees has done just that. Members of the Saints are scheduled to begin organized workouts tomorrow at Tulane University. Here is more from Mike Triplett of the Times Picayune and nola.com.

Jon Stinchcomb said the players have been planning these workouts for a long time now, not just in the wake of recent court rulings. And he said he remains optimistic that the federal appeals court will rule to lift the NFL lockout, allowing players to work out at the Saints' practice facility.

In the meantime, though, he said it's important for the players to start working together as a team by whatever means necessary.

"This is for us," Stinchcomb said. "It's not for show, it's not for looking good for the fans or management. We want to make progress. We want to motivate each other. The guys can really push each other."

Anyone that is a regular listener to my show already knew about these organized workouts. Saints fullback Heath Evans, who is currently an unsigned free agent, mentioned on the Great S.C.O.T.T. show last month that Brees had scheduled some organized team workouts for the spring. While Evans is a FA, he also mentioned that Mikey Loomis and Sean Payton told him they wanted to bring him back next season. Once the lockout is lifted, look for Evans to sign a contract and remain the starting fullback for the Saints.

Danny Clark is also an unsigned FA, but will participate, while fellow linebacker Scott Shanle is an unsiged FA, and will not participate. Shanle told the New Orleans media he does not want to risk injury while unsigned.

At any rate, it's good to see Drew Brees keeping the team together amidst the lockout turmoil. Brees is all about repitition and practice. Keeping the team in that mindset this offseason is awesome.