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NFLPA Requests Paul Tagliabue Prove Neutrality
The NFL players' union has sent a letter to former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue asking him to clarify several potential conflicts of interest when he hears the appeals of the New Orleans Saints' bounty case. The concern from the union stems from the fact that...
Top 10 Post Lockout Issues
NFL fans were thrilled on Monday when the lockout officially ended. They all slept well knowing that a full regular season would take place. The lockout did create a different landscape though, as teams are scrambling to fit an entire offseason into a week. What are the top 10 issues of the post-lockout landscape?
What Happened To The Good Will Between Players And Owners
Multiple sports media outlets reported Thursday night that the good will between the owners and the players was high, and a new CBA would be agreed upon by today. The players didn't vote on a new CBA, and claimed that Thursday's ordeal was nothing more than a trick from the NFL's PR marketing machine. Where's the love?
Secret Insurance Fund Helped NFLPA
Multiple news reports over the last 72 hours have stated that significant progress has been made in the NFL labor impasse between the owners and players. Recently, a report surfaced that DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFL players association, secured a secret player insurance fund if football was missed in 2011. Could that have sparked the progress in negotiations?
Could There Be An 8 Game NFL Season?
Could there be an 8 game NFL season? In the midst of a lockout, the league is preparing for a number of contingency plans. If the lockout isn't settled until October, a contingency plan is in place to have free-agency, training camp, and an 8 game season.