I will never miss a moment to celebrate the 2000 New Orleans Saints.

Despite winning the first playoff game in the history of the franchise, which was in its 34th season that year, the 2000 Saints team does not get its proper due.

While the Dome Patrol defense and the Payton/Brees era deserve all the praise and accolades each gets, the 2000 Saints squad gets me feeling nostalgic.

I moved to New Orleans in 2000 to attend Loyola University of New Orleans and was known as the one kid in my dorm who loved the Saints. My family had season tickets for years, and I brought my tickets with me to college.

Before the season started, the kids in my dorm gave me flak for it. By mid-season, they were begging me to take them to a game.

Coming off a 3-13 season in 1999, with a new head coach and a roster that began the 2000 regular season with only 18 players who were on the roster the season before, the Saints were not viewed as a team on the rise.

"Same old Saints" was the phrase many would utter.

By the time week 7 rolled around, it was clear these were not the "same old Saints".

For a moment, they had a roster talented enough to make a Super Bowl run, but injuries to so many key contributors took its toll, but didn't knock the team out.

Despite losing starters at quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, linebacker, and cornerback, the 2000 Saints never wavered, propelling the franchise to its first playoff win in team history.

Let's take a dive into the top 5 moments of that season. (Along with 2 honorable mentions)

Top 5 Moments of 2000 Saints Season

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