Entire neighborhoods in Youngsville flooded. Homes and vehicles filled with water, personal belongings and memories were lost and families were hit hard.

The Ragin' Cajuns Football team is coming to help, and they have a lot of muscle to lend.

Head Coach Mark Hudspeth said the entire team, over 100 men, and the rest of the staff wanted to lend a hand to the flood victims in any way possible. Around 130 men in total are coming to help rip out carpet, haul things out of homes and do the heavy lifting. Every bit helps.

Youngsville Police will meet them Wednesday and guide the team to places that need the most aid, and they will go to work. They should be in the neighborhoods before 5:00 pm, and they plan on staying for a couple hours and handling some dirty work.

Thousands of people are trying to restore their lives back to normal, and even more are pitching in to help out a neighbor.

(Coach Hudspeth's interview below was taped hours before their decision to go to Youngsville, but his thoughts on the flood victims still ring true.)