Who is the best Ragin' Cajun men's basketball player of all-time?

Is it Dwight "Bo" Lamar? How about Andrew Toney?

Maybe you think the best Cajun ever is a more recent player, like Shawn Long or Elfrid Payton?

Well, now you can vote for your favorite Cajun rounbdballer in the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Men's Basketball March Madness bracket, located on Twitter.

6 of the best players in Ragin' Cajun basketball history are there for you to choose from.

Lamar, the program's all-time leading scorer is the top-seed, followed by Toney at #2, Long at #3, and Payton at #4.

At 5-8, respectively, it's Marvin Winkler, Sydney Grider, Kevin Brooks, and Roy Ebron.

The 9-12 seeds, in that order, are Aaron Mitchell, Michael Allen, Byron Starks, and Kevin Figaro.

Finally, the 13-16 seeds, respectively, are Dean Church, Bryce Washington, Jerry Flake, and Graylin Warner.

Make sure you vote and have fun!