Last night, the selection committee that will choose the four teams for the first FBS College Football Playoff unveiled their first Top 25 ranking.

And, while the Big 10, the Big 12 and the Pac-12 may not be happy,  there really may have not been any surprises.

Mississippi State, Florida State, Auburn and Ole Miss are the top four.  Now, that's going to change, obviously, especially as the SEC West continues to chew each other up.  But what if this were the final:

Ole Miss would play Mississippi State in the annual Egg Bowl, and then turn around and play them again.

FSU and Auburn would have a redux of their title game a year ago.

That would all be pretty interesting.

So, what have we learned by this?

Actually the committee is doing a pretty good job of taking everything into account.  The biggest difference between this ranking and what we've seen in the traditional polls is that WHEN you lose may not be as important than it used to be.  In the past you could lose to another very good team in your final game and drop below a team that lost a game earlier in the year against a team not as good as the one you just lost to.

That doesn't seem to matter as much to the committee, who had Ole Miss in the top four despite their loss to LSU this past Saturday.

And, being undefeated won't make you the highest ranked "group of five" member if you play a bad schedule.  East Carolina, with one loss, is rated ahead of undefeated Marshall.  That means if the season ended today, ECU would get the auto bid to one of the big money bowls.

We'll watch to see how consistent this stays as the season goes on.

For the selection committee's Top 25, click the link: