Facebook asked about yellow bicycles in Sunset, which piqued my interest: what is the significance of those bicycles?

Facebook Cinderella Miller

I wasn't the only one with an interest that was piqued:

Facebook Cinderella Miller

So, a little digging I did. It seems that there are a few yellow bicycles around the town of Sunset. Bike Lafayette had this post:

Bike Lafayette's post confirms that the bicycles are part of an art/garden project, and I think it's great. I mean, come on, who wouldn't smile when they see a yellow bicycle?

Oh, wait: I did speak to one Sunset employee (on the condition of anonymity), and when I asked that person how seeing the yellow bicycles makes them feel, this was their exact response: "Well, I'm not a bike person, so...".


Kudos to Bike Lafayette for getting this project done, and to the Mayor of Sunset for allowing it to happen. According to the post, there are 10 of the painted bicycles around Sunset; the challenge is to find all 10.


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