New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis was not voted an All-Star starter today.

When he was told of the news by New Orleans media after the team's win over the Detroit Pistons Thursday night, Davis said, "I don't care," electing to focus on his team's need to get better and put together a winning streak.

By not being named a starter, Davis could potentially lose $24 million over the life of his contract.

He signed a 5 year extension worth up to $145 million last summer, the richest in NBA history. However, the $145 million value is only reached if Davis qualifies for the "Rose Rule".

The "Rose Rule", according to the NBA Salary Cap FAQ website, allows a player who fulfills all 4 years of their rookie scale contract and during that stretch is either voted league MVP at least once, or is voted All-NBA first, second or third team twice, or is voted an All-Star starter twice, to receive a higher maximum salary and make up to 30% of the team's salary cap.

The difference in the lifetime of Davis' contract would go from an estimated $120.45 million to an estimated $144.54 million if he reaches the terms necessary for the "Rose Rule".

Davis is currently in the 4th year of his rookie scale contract before the extension kicks in next summer. He was named an All-Star starter last year, as well as first-team All-NBA.

To earn "Rose Rule" designation, he must be named league MVP this season, or make the  All-NBA team (first, second or third).

With his skill set, Davis can certainly achieve All-NBA honors. He's one of the best forwards in the league. He'll need to be one of the six best in the league by season's end, or it could cost him $24 million.