With the continued labor strife in the NFL, it becomes more evident everyday the owners will lock out the players when the current CBA ends at 10:59 PM, March 3rd. Are the Saints a team in good shape to handle the lockout? Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports examines how each team is prepared for a lockout.

New Orleans Saints -Drew Brees is an engaged, invested union man – but he’s also an exacting quarterback who demands that his teammates adhere to a high standard of preparation. It will be interesting to ponder the push and pull in Brees’ brain as the labor battle drags on, but in the end he’ll find a way to have his guys ready to play. No coach and quarterback are as simpatico as Brees and Sean Payton, and there are no worries on the defensive side of the ball with hyper-intense Gregg Williams in charge.

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Teams with new head coaches will suffer most from a lockout. San Francisco will have a new offense and new head coach, and have no idea who they're quarterback will be. New Orleans on the other hand has Drew Brees.Brees seems likely to be a player coach and coordinate workouts with teammates somewhere. While they cannot use the practice facility in the event of a lockout, there are plenty of gyms and football fields around New Orleans.