Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavs broke the Atlanta Hawks' spirit on their way to a sweep of the Eastern Conference Finals.

The hops clearly gave up at the end of the game. Can you blame them? Four games of domination ended with a 118-88 victory to punch the Cavs' ticket to the NBA Finals. Without Kevin Love and with Kyrie Irving operating at well under 100 percent, Lebron, with the helps of JR Smith, Matthew Dellavedova and a crew of thrown together roster mates, made the one seed in the East look like they didn't belong. It was the biggest margin of victory in Cavs postseason history.

Cleveland put their boot to the throat early on, jumping out to a twelve point lead at the end of the first quarter. The lead grew to 17 at half, then 25 at the end of the third quarter. The fourth quarter was mostly an exercise in not getting hurt for the Cavs, who waltzed their way to an easy series sweep.

The Cavs' bench was dancing and smiling at the end of the game, but it was the starters there. The bench continued to produce and the role players were making the stars get hype. Should we be surprised that Matthew Dellavedova captured the hearts of the Cleveland fans? Any team Lebron joins garners an unnecessary amount of criticism, and so do his coaches.

With all the publicized tension between the Cavs star and their coach, David Blatt, what did Blatt say to "The King" when he was mic'ed up for TNT?

"What you did for this team and this city, coming back...you deserve this," Blatt said.

Sure, the camera were on to sweeten the statement. Blatt probably said it to buy himself collateral with the fan base and management. At the same time, isn't it fitting for this storyline to play out?