First, Steph Curry sprains his knee; now, Chris Pauls breaks his hand. Hide your star players, NBA fans. The injury bug is biting.

Paul's diagnosis is much worse than Curry's. Steph could be back in two weeks, but the Clippers could be forced to play the remainder of the playoffs without their star point guard. That doesn't bode well for the people of Los Angeles.

It's black and white. When Paul plays, things go well. When he's not playing, not so much...

To make matters worse for the Clippers, they dropped Game Four to Portland and lost by double-digits. The Blazers could easily bounce them out in the First Round, then roll on to take on Golden State without the league's MVP. Bad luck for the Warriors and Clippers, but the Blazers will take it.

One last tidbit to chew on here, just food for thought: the San Antonio Spurs are completely healthy, and they're already kicked back resting after an impressive sweep of the Grizzlies. Somewhere, Gregg Popovich is smiling, while Tim Duncan sips herbal tea and ices up his knees.

CP3 is probably out for the rest of the season, and Steph Curry is on the mend. Stay away, injury bug. Let us enjoy our basketball in peace, not pieces.