After the confetti had fallen and the Alabama Crimson Tide were crowned National Champions of the College Football something else special happened for their starting center.

The center, Bradley Bozeman, was presented a National Championship ring from 2015 and will be receiving another after this year where he went out a champion as a senior.

However, after this game he felt that he should be the one presenting a ring instead of receiving one. When the game had ended, he met his girlfriend (Nikki Hegstetter) on the field, and surprisingly enough dropped down to his knee, presenting her with a ring.

She was stunned and everyone was joyous when a touch of romance was welded into the, already celebratory moment. Hegstetter said yes and just like that, the two were engaged.

What would have happened if the Crimson Tide would have lost, Bozeman was asked, "we would have had to regroup." Touche, thank goodness it worked out for the big, burly center.

It would seem the NFL is a major option for Bozeman as he was selected as a second-team All-American at center this season. As of now there are no wedding plans set in stone but the couple says they're looking towards Spring 2019.


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