This is video of new Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers ripping on Bill Simmons, who was one of the ESPN hosts for their NBA Draft coverage, live, on-air.

Simmons then responded with some harsh words of his own.

Simmons, an admitted Boston Celtics fan, said earlier in the broadcast that Rivers "quit on the Celtics", in reference to the Celtics trading the coach that brought them to two NBA Finals appearances, winning one, to the Clippers for a draft pick.

Rivers was asked about the comment that Simmons made during an interview with ESPN's Shelley Smith, and replied; “I’d love to call him an idiot but since I’m too classy for that I won’t”?

Simmons then replied back; "The truth keeps changing. I mean he's given different quotes about this. He didn't know. He did know. He kinda knew. He wanted the trade to happen. He was coming back. He needed a year off. When he sticks to a story, I'll believe the truth."

This means very little, but it is a little interesting that Simmons is a season ticket holder of the Clippers.