Ragin' Cajun Guard Jay Wright made a trip to China with Reach USA, but did he learn the same things as former Cajun Elfrid Payton?

Wright went on the same adventure that Elfrid took during his time as a Cajun. He took what he learned all the way to the NBA Draft, where he was selected 10th overall. Payton's progress earned him a slot on the Orlando Magic and a chance at a long NBA career. Did Wright find what he needed to push his game to the next level as well?

On top of working on his pick and roll game, three-point shot and defense, Wright went through the full effects of culture shock. Waking up on the other side of the world to play with a bunch of guys you've never met is one thing, but the language, insane city traffic...and the food. Wright said he ate mostly rice, and his Head Coach Bob Marlin said his point guard lost six pounds in China...before heading to Mama's house to pack the weight back on as soon as he got back to the States. Elfrid warned him to bring snacks too. Some lessons have to be learned alone.

Upon returning, Wright spoke with media about the lessons he learned on and off the court. The progress he made last season could only be described as leaps and bounds. Is there another gear to be found inside his engine?