This is the first week to vote in the Harris Interactive Poll.  Along with the USA Today Poll, Harris is one of the two human polls that have a bearing on the rankings for the Bowl Championship Series.

This is my third year as a voter.  And, I have no qualms telling you how I vote each week.  So, here's my first ranking of the season.

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

I could easily have reversed this.  Oregon hasn't missed a beat since Chip Kelly left to become an eagle.  It's really hard to argue with Alabama's defense, however, so, at least for now, they get the top spot.

3.  Stanford

4.  Clemson

5.  Florida State

6.  Ohio State

I voted Stanford third because I think the Pac-12 is that good this year.  They had a close call against Washington last night, but Washington is a very good football team.  Clemson just continues to win, although their marquee win came way back in week one.

The more I watch Florida State, the more I like them.  And, what they did to Maryland yesterday cannot be discounted.  Ohio State is right there as well, but the other five do better in the eye test for me.

7. Louisville

Yeah, I know, they're schedule is weak.  But Teddy Bridgewater is the real deal.  This is a very good football team that isn't going to get enough credit for being very good because of that schedule.

8. Georgia

9.  LSU

10. Baylor

Had to rank UGA ahead of the Tigers because of the head-to-head.  But Baylor may pass them both soon.  The Bears are for real.  Again, nothing about the schedule so far makes anyone's head turn.  But the FEWEST points they've scored in a game this year is 69.  Yesterday, it was over 800 yards in offense.  If that doesn't turn your head, see a chiropractor.

11. Oklahoma

12. Texas A&M

13. UCLA

14.  Miami

The Bruins and Hurricanes keep winning and they'll get a chance to prove they belong in the Top Ten really soon.  Oklahoma is no longer considered the best in the Big 12, at least not by me.  And, Texas A&M's offense is awfully good.  But the Aggies are still no better than the #4 team in the SEC.

15.  South Carolina

16.  Northwestern

17.  Washington

Both Washington and Northwestern lost yesterday to very good football teams and both games were very tight.  South Carolina is another good club...but see Texas A&M above for my comments.

18.  Fresno State

19.  Texas Tech

20.  Michigan

All three are unbeaten, but all three have some question marks.  Fresno can score with anyone and they're the best in the Mountain West.  But how good is that league this year?  Texas Tech and Michigan keep winning...but I don't know how many they're impressing in how they've done it.

21. Florida

22. Virginia Tech

23. Northern Illinois

24. Oklahoma State

25. Nebraska

It seems the MAC threatens to be a BCS buster every year.  Last year, the Huskies made it and they might do it again.  Both Florida and Virginia Tech are very good defensive teams but there's not much offensively to get excited about.

So there it is.  My first poll vote.

You may pile on now.