After a fox sports reporter Alex Marvez tweeted Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan would be fired, New Orleans head coach Sean Payton said Ryan is currently still on staff.

"Absolutely," said Payton when asked if Ryan was still the defensive coordinator.

However, Payton would not answer questions about potential changes coming, only saying he hasn't met with general manager Mickey Loomis or any other coaches on the staff.

"Mickey and I will spend some time (together) today and tomorrow, and with regards to any potential guys (the media) will be the first to hear about it," explained Payton. "But that's (potential coaching change at defensive coordinator) something we haven't even met on."

Payton was pressed on the matter further, but refused to speculate on potential changes, responding to several inquiries from the media on the matter by responding with, "next topic" and "next question".

By not answering questions about a potential change after meeting with Loomis, Payton left the door open for Marvez's report to eventually be true.

UPDATE: 7:00 PM - Sean Payton confirms Rob Ryan firing & his current replacement. For the latest, click here.